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Black Velvet Cloak Lined in Blue Satin

This long hooded cloak is made from a black velvet material (fairly lightweight) and then entirely lined in royal blue satin, including the hood. It has shaped shoulders and closes in front with a long tie made from the same black velvet material as the body of the cloak. The cloak lining is fully attached along the front seams and at the bottom hem and neckline. The velvet is a smooth velvet (not crushed).

The cloak measures 69" around the chest, but please remember that this measurement must include your arms alongside your chest, since the cloak goes over both at the same time. The shoulder measurement for the cloaks is 26" shoulder to shoulder across the back. The cloak measures appx. 62" long from the center back neck to the bottom of the cloak, and over 183" around the circumference of the bottom hem (that's more than 15 feet!). The gently-sloping (not pointed) hood is about 14.5" deep at its deepest point and about 20" high when lifted straight off the shoulders to its peak. This cloak is also available in a shorter length of 50" long from the center neck to the bottom of the cloak.



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