Greetings, friend!

You are very welcome here at Artemisia Designs. 

Our online store grew out of a love for color, costuming, history, and dance. Here, you can browse our specialty apparel, the kind not often to be found at local department stores and neighborhood boutiques. From luxurious velvet cloaks and gowns to whimsical belly dance costumes, we hope the pieces we sell in our store evoke images of mysterious beauty, ages and legends past, and the magic of nature, love, luxury, and lore. 

Our customers use our cloaks, gowns, and dance wear for all manner of purposes: to wear at Renaissance festivals, on the stage in theater productions, in medieval-themed wedding ceremonies, in Wiccan rituals and Pagan handfastings, as Halloween costumes, in the SCA and other reenactment groups, to complete a gothic outfit, for Live Action Role-Playing and LOTR, in film and videos, for Harry Potter book- and movie-launch parties, as part of belly dance ensembles, and much more. 

Our Mission and Commitment:
We want to make your experience with Artemisia Designs a good one. We will always strive to provide personal and prompt customer service and to help you in whatever way we can. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, requests, or suggestions.

We are also committed to the ideas of inclusivity, choice, and value. To remain inclusive and welcoming of all body types, we are proud to offer our dresses, belly dance costumes, and other items in both regular and plus sizes. To provide choice to our customers, we strive to constantly add new color combinations and styles to our selection, and we welcome suggestions from our customers. And, finally, we deliver value to our customers by providing luxurious specialty apparel at very reasonable prices.