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Key Features:

    • Inspired by bonnets worn during the Middle Ages
    • One piece, two-sizes, adjustable
    • Premium linen-mix material
    • Large crown provides ample room for hair
    • Two long strings
    • Adjustable, featuring hidden (sewn-in) elastic band
    • Perfect for Renaissance fairs, medieval reenactments fantasy conventions, cosplay, Halloween, LARP and reenactments

Bonnet has been used as the name for a wide variety of headwear for both, men and women —more often women, from the Middle Ages to the present. With that said, the headgearwith a half-circle round brimmed hood tied under the chin with a string was highly likely to be called a bonnet, like the piece you are seeing here. Other features associated with bonnets as opposed to hats was that the forehead was not covered, and the back of the head often was.

Inspired by the time period, this linen-mixheadpiece features a broad, net-like crown that can accommnodate hair of any length. It is offered in two sizes, S-M and L-XL. It is adjustable; featuring hidden (sewn-in) elastic band. The stringsare long, approx 18” long. This Medieval Bonnet is available in a natural color, making it compatible with a wide range of mediaeval attire, regardless of the colour of the garment.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in