Men’s Renaissance Doublet Set I


COLOR : Black
SIZE : Small
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This three-piece Renaissance outfit is perfect for a number of costume options, from Ren Faires to Game of Thrones, royal, and pirate costumes to those Shakespearean plays you get cast in! It consists of everything you need for a full outfit–just provide the boots and you are good to go. This costume includes a doublet (the typical Renaissance over-vest); breeches (the historical word for three-quarter length pants worn in so many time periods, including the medieval, Renaissance and later. And finally, there is a stand-alone poet’s shirt that can be worn with or with out this outfit, just like the breeches. Mix and match!

Doublet description: This GREEN doublet is fully lined. It is accented with gold-colored trim and lacing up the front with matching gold grommet and ribbon lacing (included). To finish it off, the doublet is accented with square scallops outlined in matching gold trim. Very well-made: all seams are finished and all part are lined.

Poet’s shirt description: Also included is a yoke-shouldered, puffy sleeved ivory poet’s shirt that closes at the neck with a hidden metal hook an eye that can be removed easily without hurting the integrity of the garment. Cuffs are lined and have a button closure. This can be worn with any outfit or by itself.

Breeches description: And finally, a Renaissance costume wouldn’t be complete without a good, versatile pair of black breeches (type of pants worn in the Renaissance through the 18th century even). These pants are made to go down to about calf length, and depending on the purpose you are using it for, you can stuff them into boots or for the more royal of outfits, wear hose and shorter shoes. The pants are very flexible because while they close with three buttons in front, you can adjust the waist size with the gold grommet and black ribbon lace-up feature in the back of the pants. (You can also adjust the calf width because the legs have a draw-string tie at the bottom (see pictures!).

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Weight 2.50 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 3 in

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Doublet measurements here are based on wearing the doublet completely closed when laced. If you prefer to wear your doublet open like a vest, use the shoulder measurement as the most important one.

*More measurements available. Email us if you need a particular size.

SMALL: Doublet chest: 31″; Doublet waist (at scallops): 39″; Doublet shoulder: 18.5″; Breeches waist: adjustable from 25″-29″; Breeches hips: 47″; Breeches length: 29″; Poet shirt chest: 45″; Poet shirt length: 28″; Poet shirt sleeve length: 25″

MED: Doublet chest: 33″; Doublet waist (at scallops): 44″; Doublet shoulder: 19.5″; Breeches waist: adjustable from 33.5″-38″; Breeches hips: 48.5″; Breeches length: 29″; Poet shirt chest: 47″; Poet shirt length: 28.5″; Poet shirt sleeve length: 25″

LARGE: Doublet chest: 39″; Doublet waist (at scallops): 45″; Doublet shoulder: 20.5″; Breeches waist: adjustable from 37″-41″; Breeches hips: 50.5″; Breeches length: 29.5″; Poet shirt chest: 54″; Poet shirt length: 29.5″; Poet shirt sleeve length: 25.5″

XL: Doublet chest: 40″; Doublet waist (at scallops): 48″; Doublet shoulder: 21.5″; Breeches waist: adjustable from 39″-46″; Breeches hips: 52″; Breeches length: 30″; Poet shirt chest: 58″; Poet shirt length: 30″; Poet shirt sleeve length: 25.5″

2X: Doublet chest: 42″; Doublet waist (at scallops): 53″; Doublet shoulder: 22.5″; Breeches waist: adjustable from 40.5″-47″; Breeches hips: 55″; Breeches length: 30.5″; Poet shirt chest: 60″; Poet shirt length: 30.5″; Poet shirt sleeve length: 27.5″

3X: Doublet chest: 45″; Doublet waist (at scallops): 55″; Doublet shoulder: 23.5″; Breeches waist: adjustable from 46″-50″; Breeches hips: 60″; Breeches length: 31″; Poet shirt chest: 62″; Poet shirt length: 30.5″; Poet shirt sleeve length: 28″

4X: Doublet chest: 49″; Doublet waist (at scallops): 58″; Doublet shoulder: 24.5″; Breeches waist: adjustable from 48.5″-53″; Breeches hips: 63″; Breeches length: 31″; Poet shirt chest: 70″; Poet shirt length: 32″; Poet shirt sleeve length: 28″

For international buyers: 1″ is equal to 2.54 cm.